2021 first quarter Vent

This is me

The beginning of this was year was not just odd but rapid, fast like Sonic the Hedgehog. One minute we are doing the “Happy New Year norm”, the next thing it’s Easter. It was also bumpy and weird. Weird because I wrote my 2020 second semester exams in Jan and only registered in April. I blame the China Virus. ? I mean I am still moaning all the 2020 plans I had. Lord I just heard the Holy Spirit reminding me that everything happens for a reason. And you are right my good friend. Weird again because I have witnessed my younger brother attending school by timetable. I wonder if, not that I am saying that’s what’s happening. But if the pandemic has shown and is still showing us that we actually don’t have to send our children five or more days to school.

That they can go for less than three days to school and still get an education. And use the remaining days to learn and specialize in school unrelated skills. The purpose of education was for people to learn skills they can use to fend for themselves. Not to learn a bunch of content that won’t help feed them. Damn I sound critical, but it had to be said, who cares how about Redox reaction. Please Chile. I don’t know, but that’s just how I feel. But like everything else in this world, there’s an antonym. Although a weird start to the year, I have also learnt quite a lot. Not just from just God, but also from the people aligned with me, the things I watch and read about. Here are the things I have learnt.

The power of Human adaptation

Here’s the back story behind this lesson. So early November last year when everyone was receiving their monthly NSFAS meal allowance, I was one of the unfortunates who didn’t receive it. To this day I can’t tell you what happened. Because there was no one out of reach with viable information. I knew I had to find alternatives of income because NSFAS like most fathers is not reliable. It will disappoint and hurt you way more than a lover would. Guys’, being broke is not cute. Period! No cap. I regret ever saying money is not the source of happiness. To some extent, money is the source of happiness, Given was right.

When the 30GB miracle started last year, I came across Nosipho Gumede video where she was talking about ways of making money online one evening. One of the companies she mentioned was Livingstone. In simple form, Livingstone is a platform where freelancers sell their acquired theory knowledge for subjects such as Biology to do tasks for people in the states who are willing to pay. If you are looking to make tons of money, I wouldn’t suggest it because they don’t pay that well in my point of view. Especially compared to the work we do. But that’s a personal opinion.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an agriculture student. With that said, this means that my majors are agriculture-related. But when you are working with Livingstone you don’t get a lot of orders related to your degree at all, for me at least I have not. Because you can’t around generalizing experiences y’all. I have tackled psychology, sociology, geology, geography, music and even chemistry questions although they are not in my field of study. What I am trying to say is that the human brain works very similar if not smarter like computers. At the moment, the pass mark for any module at Univen is 50% and about 80% of students manage to pass. But are you aware that if the pass mark was to be increased to 80%, about the same number of students would still pass? Right? Why is it?

Because God has made us in such a way that our brain can adapt to new realities, hardships, or royalties. After all, doesn’t the Bible say that God can never let us carry a burden too big to handle? Just because my major is agriculture it doesn’t mean that that reality limits my ability to tackle questions of a different field. If I am willing to work hard and put my mind into any project that comes my way I can do it successfully without fail. I hope I sing a common tune. You with me right? Good. Moving on!

The difficulties and frustrations that come with distributing a product

Almost all my subscribers and readers are my friends on my social media platforms. And if you have interacted with me in the past few months, I believe you have seen that I have since ventured into distributing Avon. And I am proud to say I have utterly failed regardless of all my efforts in the previous two months to move this product. Saying it like that makes it sounds like I am a drug dealer “laughs”. It’s either I am here using gallons of my data advertising on every platform that I think a market exists or the clients ghost me or opt to be status viewers on my WhatsApp. I can never stretch how private WhatsApp is. If I add you on my WhatsApp I am basically saying to you that I am comfortable with you viewing my status. I can’t believe there are actually people with more than 30 WhatsApp status views and they are not running a business. How y’all? How?

I don’t think anyone including myself had any idea of how uncomfortable it gets when you get into distributing a product to anyone, the public to say. It gets very uncomfortable. You are compelled to share your most private details with strangers with whom you have zero certainties that y’all will end up reaching an agreement.  And with this Marabastad WhatsApp, nothing is private. People can view your statuses even though you have hidden them. This WhatsApp needs to be cancelled period. But I will be continuing from where I stopped because I can’t just give up. Mama didn’t raise me to be that person.  

My faith

God is always leaving me in shock of the things He places in my heart daily. Whether it being about a nation prayer I have to do, or a personal prayer, or even sermons. What I have been praying for in the past four months mostly is alignment and the leadership of this country. No country is perfect, and no leader is perfect. And before we are physical beings we are spiritual beings and henceforth it is important to prioritize prayer for the spiritual being. It still baffles me how people could fight for freedom for black people and still be the same people to exploit our funds and resources to enrich themselves. Politics are a scam. It’s a legit illegal business.

I have also found myself confronting and revisiting some past hurts that I thought had healed but really haven’t. This wound/s would always be opened by everyday activities, and the more I ignored them, it was the more it opened. And it was clear to me that I haven’t really healed. Before you accumulate your earthly desires, see that you try your best not to ignore your spirituality. Admit and heal from your pain. It’s freeing and makes like more enjoyable. And yes, you will find yourself on this rollercoaster perhaps more than once, but it’s part of life. One minute you happy, the next thing you are not.


Looking past finances, everything has been good. God has given me everything I needed daily without fail. Every day I had three meals, clean water, good souls around me, a healthy body, a less disturbed spirit, both parents, a registration into an institution, life is good. There’s power in gratitude. But there were times when I felt very lonely. Especially during the aftermath of January exams. But then the Holy Spirit assures me that I am never alone.

I have watched a lot of series and movies during the Feb-March season. I have watched Bridgerton (boring), Kings of Jo’burg (more like American wannabe gangsters), Coming 2 America (loved it), Alladin, Raya and the last dragon, Transformers, and and and. Ooh, I visited the cemetery during Easter, and it has occurred to me how fragile life is. So that’s where it all ends. That’s it. Iyoo very sad. Here is one piece of advice from me to me and to you, be teachable. You don’t always know everything and you don’t always have things figured out. So be teachable. I hope you utterly enjoyed this post. Until next time Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. Adios.

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