Who Am I?

Lord the title audibly sounds like I am about to write a poem, and if you’re wondering if I take kind to poems, yes I do, I just suck at writing them. My full name is Nkhensani Jane Mathebula, born and bred in South Africa, the diverse province of Limpopo in a small hot weather town Bela Bela. I was born Tsonga but raised Pedi because my mother is Pedi. I can read, write and speak Xitsonga, Sepedi and English. 11 languages in South Africa and your girl is familiar with only 3, wow Jane!. I will leave it here, the rest will be detailed in the blog posts.


8 Things About Me

  1. I love God, Jehovah to say and believe in His Son’s rising – Jesus Christ
  2. I am an Agriculture Student
  3. I talk to myself, it has become so bad that it’s now a habit and a coping mechanism. Psychologist have a fancy name for this as Maladaptive-Daydreaming
  4. I love food but I am horrible at cooking
  5. I have nyctophobia – the fair of the dark
  6. I love travelling
  7. I do not like sweet things, I prefer savoury
  8. I love shopping, either for clothes, housewares, groceries anything

I am a very opinionated person, in a good way. I have views and opinions on almost everything, but I have never really found a platform where I can share my views and opinions with the utmost freedom. We will be talking about everything faith-Christianity, self-love, and many other things, I still hope to write about my experience in the next five years as a blogger, so please do join me on this journey as I talk about everything self and social development.