Queen of the South Season 1 Part 1 review

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When the rain hits and cement with boredom, like many other people I also quince the boredom thirst by watching YouTube videos or pirated TV shows or series. Disclaimer; “I do not pirate movies, shows, or series” I just get them from people who also go them from other people. If knew it was that good I would have given it my coins. My bad! Corruption doesn’t only exist in the parliament you know! How does an entire undergraduate get bored when she is in the middle of an exam? “laughs”. I don’t know, but it happens.

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This time around I was watching Queen of the South. Have I ever heard about it initially? No! Was I planning to watch all 52 episodes of 4 seasons in 4 days? Nah. I was looking for something to watch and get the boredom off my back. I then came across it in a friend’s PC. But let’s just say that when a series is based on a good author’s book, it is damned to be a good series.

Quick Background

The whole series is based on a popular Spanish novel La Reina der Sur by the brilliant minds of Arturo Perez-Reverte. Give credit where there’s a need. The main character is Teresa Mandoza played by Alice Braga. The series is about the ins and outs of running a cocaine cartel. It also depicts how a person can go from zero to hero vice versa in this business.

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Alice Brage AKA Teressa Mandoza

Initially, I wanted to keep it brief and short but it didn’t make sense as I was personally reading it. So for season 1, I will break down the season into three parts. The first part which is the current one your feasting on will be a detailed Episode 1 review. The will then be Part 2 and 3 with the remaining 11 Episodes reviews.   

Episode 1

The episode begins with a voice-over of Teresa talking a little about how she grew up. We get an insight that she grew up in Mexico the state of Sinaloa hence the title Queen of the South. Then before we know it mogal gets shot from her gigantic mansion. We are then taken back to where it all started, to how and where she got into the cocaine business. Take a wild guess, how do you think it started? Guess! I will tell you, mogal met a man. Yes, a man introduced her to this business. His name was Guero played by John-Michael Ecker (was because he ends up dying or… spoiler).

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Teressa and Guero

Guero worked for a cocaine cartel leader called Don Epifiano Vargas played by Joaquim de Almeida his godfather. When she – Teressa met Guero she worked as a money exchanger, you might think of it as petty money cleaning. And guess what, like most men, Guero comes to Teressa’s rescue when her money exchanging boss gets all touchy with her by marinating him the UFC way.  After six months of dating Guero takes Teressa to Epifiano to formally introduce her during a Christmas party Epifiano hosted.

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Camila and Epifiano

Like any other ghetto raised girl in the suburbs, Brenda played by Justina Machado who happens to be Chino’s wife lures Teressa to go snooping around Epifiano’s mansion and they find their way to the main bedroom floor. Teressa finds herself eavesdropping on Epifiano’s and wife Camila Vargas played by Veronica Falcon argument. Epifiano wants to distance himself from the cocaine business for a minute because he wants to run for Governor and leave the reigns to his right-hand man Batman you might remember him from Apocalypto. But listen, Sis is not having it as she feels she has invested way too much to let it go. So it’s either Epifiano lets the Governance thing go or she is leaving. In a matter of fact, why do men think they can suddenly venture into something new and woman should just follow? This gender!

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You’d think that for a man who has worked for a cocaine cartel from when he was just 14 years he would know better than to steal from the boss right? But hey, guess what, our beloved Guero does the exact deadly thing to do in a drug cartel business. Most books are or were written on what reality depicts. If in this case, it’s the same motive then it is very sad that most kids in that part of life get exposed to drugs from as young as 14 years. You would ask yourself why Guero would steal from the boss while he had everything. A nice car, a warm comfortable home, I swear greed is a man, nothing is ever enough to satisfy him. As the episode proceeds further, Teressa finds Guero in a hot bubble bath bruised, Lord knows what happened.

The Plot

Now things get very nasty. Guero hands over to Teressa a bag of money with a gun, a book, and a burner phone. He then proceeds to tell her that if ever this phone rings then that means he is no more. She should then take the bag and phone heard over to the safe house and call Epifiano to hand the book over to him in exchange for her life. Imagine your man preparing you for his death and giving you insurance on top of it. Yah nne. Jolani. Days went by and as she was still acting like a Real Housewife the insurance phone rings iyoo!

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Instead of running away solo, she runs to get Chino, Brenda, and Tony played by young Adolf Alvarez (Brenda and Chino’s Son) because hey the same shit your best friend is in you are also in it, in this case, Chino. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make it on time and sadly Brenda witnesses Epifiano’s men murder Chino. Teressa, Brenda, and Tony are now on the run but it is not long that Epifiano’s men catch on and they end up splitting. Teressa managed to fight through and ended up at a safehouse Guero had organised. But it was not so safe because Epifiano’s men caught on to her. Before killing her Gato played by James Martinez decides to do what most pervert men would do which was to rape Teressa.

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Teressa and Brenda

As he was raping her, Teressa for the first time sees an image of the woman she wishes to be talking to her then she reached out for the gun she had in the cash bag then shoots Gato in the face and flees. Teressa then proceeds to call Epifiano to make the trade and instead of keeping his end of the bargain, Epifiano wants to leave her stranded. Sis then promises to kill herself and haunt Epifiano in the next life “laughs”. Yah nne.

So Epifiano promises to help her cross the Mexican border the same night but as they were driving there it seems Epifiano had a change of heart and Sis felt it. Teressa’s future self whom she only can see assures her that her gut feeling is right and that she needs to prepare in such she steals the guard’s gun as Epifiano and the guard go to relieve themselves. And hey guess what, her gut feeling was right, she then shoots the guard and the Chevrolet overturns almost claiming both Epifiano and Teressa’s life. As the episode ends, we see Teressa fleeing from the accident scene with insurance book, but was soon captured by Camila’s people and managed to hide the book in a desert toilet roof place.

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Gato, Pote, and Teressa


That was a lot, hey, I know but best believe I completed it in a single night when you enjoy what you writing about. Queen of the South has to be one of the saddest yet very inspiring series I have watched. The composure of pain, love, and survival truly breeds a whole new strong person in one. It again shows that God can never let you carry a burden too big to handle (Matthew 11:28-29). Thank you for popping by, really appreciate it. Until the next segment, you are loved and cherished by God and remember that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour. Adios. 

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