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Hello there. The last time I posted was the first week of February. The long-gone past two weeks, I was busy with exams. School was hitting hard and at times I felt my own body failing me. But that is not the purpose of this post. Today we will again be reviewing Queen of the South Season 1 but this is Part 2. If you haven’t read Part 1, what are you doing with your life? Part 1 was really well received, got more page view than any other post before, if I knew y’all love show reviews I would’ve reviewed Game Of Thrones first, because whuu, that is one heck of a series.

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Queen of the South

Episode 2 of Queen of the South

As episode 1 comes to an end, Teressa finally meets Camila again. This meet occurs at Camila’s drugs and prostitute warehouse in America, Texas to say. They instantly recognise each other.  After getting knocked down, one of the girls Teressa was with in the dingy warehouse tries to befriend her. She sadly later dies from the dissolved drugs that she was smuggling to the airport later that afternoon. So yes, she was a drug mule. To retrieve the slowly dissolving stash, one of the guards performed street surgery on the poor girl. He cut her open like an animal and dug his hand in her torso area like she never lived, iyoo where was this man’s nyembeza! It’s a harsh world, and she had a son she wanted to get back too “cries”.

<image src = "image.jpg" alt = " a woman behind a mesh fence sitting down" title = "teressa from Queen of the South">
Teressa’s first afternoon in America-Texas

While the guards were focusing all their attention on retrieving the dissolving drugs like someone never died Teressa attempts to flee. What! I mean like Sis, how? You haven’t even been in the out yet, what if you are on some deserted island in Texas? Were you going to swim your way to the shore? This was not taking a leap of faith, this was a suicide because she got caught.

James played by Peter Gadiot, Camila’s right-hand man texts her to let her know of how naughty Teressa has been. Before the intruding text, Camila was attending a drug associate daughter’s birthday party who also happens to be her godchild. I think this is that party that Mexican and Italian people hold for their 16-year-olds, disclaimer: this information is not reliable; I did not study Mexican people’s culture.  This is also the scene we learn that Camila has a daughter – Isabelle.

<image src = 'image.jpg" alt = "a Latino man wearing a black leather jacket" title = "James from Queen of the South">

As calmly as she can contain herself, Camila lets Teressa know that she can never run away and she should not even attempt to do it again. It is in this very conversation that Camila lets Teressa know that Epifiano was looking for her, and she demands to know why. Because well, guess what Epifiano did! He reached out to Camila asking her to locate Teressa alive. What were his reasons? His reasons were that Teressa had a hand in stealing money from him along with Guero.

What? Epifiano was that the best you can come up with? Okay, how about hey Camila please locate Teressa for me because she is in a position of information that can help us manufacture our own cocaine without relying on the Colombians? Having had been married to a man for a good two decades, surely she knew he was taking her for a fool. Women investigate better than the FBI befwethu.

<image src = "image.jpg" alt = "a woman cuffed by men with another woman" title = "Queen of the South Season 1">
Teressa and Camila after she tried escaping

As her punishment, Camila wants to prostitute her by first drugging her, but then Teressa says she would rather deliver the drugs the mule passed girl couldn’t smuggle. But James is not having it, as this was the third girl to die that afternoon alone. Camila doesn’t give a damn, and she says Teressa is even a better suit for the job. Because they wouldn’t have lost if she dies than to again risk it by sending another girl they’ve trained for months.

But then Teressa is not just another girl, she is a Queen, and she gets the job done. As the episodes end we see Camila visiting a law firm to do what, I don’t know. All I think I understood was that she wanted to move or sell some of her Mexican properties without her husband’s knowledge. But hey can we take a moment to appreciate how damn good looking that white lawyer is! I manifest a white husband “laughs”.  

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Camila’s lawyer

Episode 3 of Queen of the South

On her second day, Teressa wakes up to her things missing, and she is told that her things were migrated to the mule’s part of the warehouse. From personal observation, Camila’s warehouse is divided into four: that is prostitutes, mules, cocaine stash, and simply business. With her belongings, Teressa still had with her, her old phone. The minute she got tiny bits of network coverage she was met by a chain of Brenda’s voicemails. She knows it’s risky to use her phone to call Brenda as it can easily be tracked. So she humbly requests to use one of the mule’s phone. She does this because she wants to check up on Brenda and give her a set of instructions.  How selfless! Many people would’ve moved on with their lives.

<image src = "image.jpg" alt = " a boy and woman hiding" title = "Tony and Brenda from Queen of the South">
Brenda and Tony

In this episode, we also got a glimpse of Isabella played by Idalia Valles, Camila’s daughter and only child. For a woman with a daughter, you’d think that her conscience would perhaps have her by the neck in regards to the business she engages herself in, especially prostitution.  It’s heartbreaking that there are people in reality that think it is okay to keep and prostitute people against their will. And as if that is not enough, they then repay them with drugs. Disgusting! God has made the world in such a way that you shall harvest whatever you cultivate. You can’t plant an apple and expect to harvest roses. It doesn’t work like that. As Isabella was arguing with her mom in regards to her-Camila- visiting Mexico, mogal snaps and hangs up. If I dare try that, it would definitely be my funeral.

<image src = "image.jpg" alt = "a beautiful Latino waoman wearing pearls" title = " Isabella from Queen of the South">

On her second day on the job Teressa’s loyalty got tested, a whole cop’s boot on was on her face. Iyoo! Guys, please stay legal. Her delivery on this particular day was different, she wasn’t orally smuggling anything. As matter of fact, it was a big shipment. Upon the exchange, the same gut feeling that helped her flee from Epifiano’s is here alerting her of danger. She can sense that one of the guys whom there were exchanging the shipment with was a bit shacky. And guess what the Queen was right yet again. Apparently, the guy not only tried to rob Camila but actually robbed his boss, by replacing the real notes with fake notes. Who does this remind you of? Guero! Waitsi Guero.

<image src = "image.jpg" alt = " a woman and a man walking fast" title = "Teressa and James from Queen of the South">
Teressa and James

Having had worked as a money exchanger for as long as she had, Teressa was a good judge of character. She knew when something felt off, it comes with the job. Or maybe it could be because of the head scar her former boss gave her when she returned with fake money before. Nothing teaches better than experience in this world. Camila was very impressed with Teressa, but she lets her know that she should take her mercy and shove it far away as it will get her killed and disrespected in this business. As the episode ends we see Brenda booting a bus to America as Teressa had instructed when she called for the second time.

<image src = "image.jpg" alt = "two woman and a man dressed in black walking" title = "Teressa, Camilla, and James from Queen of the South">
Teressa, Camilla, and James

Episode 4 of Queen of the South

The episode opens up with Teressa listening to her future self encouraging her that she is very similar to a flower that blooms and grown in the darkness. So many of us are flowers that bloom and grow in the darkness as well, but what kind of darkness? I don’t know. It is in this very episode that James or rather say Camila entrusts Teressa to do a delivery solo. What stood out for me was the car she was driving. She used screwdriver as a key for the car “laughs”. Hayike! To go is to see shame. But I don’t know why I am even laughing; I don’t even have a car to my name.

<image src = "image.jpg" alt = "a woman dressed in white" title = "Teressa from Queen of the South dressed in white">
Teressa’s future self

It is without a doubt that Camila is very pricy, and that can also be seen in what she drives. So we see her popping by a Rolce Royce car dealership to buy not one, not two, not three, but a good four Rolce Royce cars. Whuu! Life. If you see me doing something illegal, phulis eeh, mind your own business. A Rolce Royce is not cheap. On her first delivery alone, Teressa is met with a dilemma. The dealer she is supposed to be delivery to was held hostage by some amateur gangster. And can you believe this guys wouldn’t say who sent them before there were killed? But then she – Teressa – manages to set free her, yes I said her, a thick, dreadlocks, black beautiful black woman. God didn’t make no mistake when it comes to this race. We got it all.

<imag src = "image.png" alt = "" >
Camila’s Rolce Royce

It was schocking of how caring or rather how well Camila pretended to care about Teressa’s wellbeing upon arriv at the dealer’s place. Like how Sis? We know you care less about what happens to her.  However, shit gets real when Batman gathers enough information that has 99% leverage that Camila was in the position of Teressa and withholding her from her husband. Because well Epifiano then sends Batman to personally go and retrieve Teressa from Texas without telling Camila. But well that’s not all Batman retrieves, he also yet again gathers enough information that proves that Camila’s business has grown three times it was intended to. That means she is planning to overthrow him.

Batman then goes ahead and kidnaps Teressa but on his way back to Mexico Camila’s men caught and returned the favour by kidnapping him. Hilarious indeed. Camila is very cunning. She knows she can’t get rid of batman, nor can she keep him neither let him go. Because she knows that if Batman is here then, therefore, Epifiano is unto her. So she instead tries planting ideas in Batman’s head against Epifiano, in an attempt to get him to keep quiet about what he witnessed. Brenda, Tony, and Teressa finally reconcile. Remember Rolce Royce’s? Well, there were for Epifiano’s drug lieutenants, so yes Sis is trying to overthrown Epifiano. And hence the cars are to butter them.

<image src = "iamge.jpg" alt = "two man in a collage picture" title = "Epifiano and Batman from Queen of the South">
Epifiano & Batman


First of all, I tried to keep it short, and so I am sorry it was too lengthy. What can we learn from the three covered episodes? Well one, regardless of what you are going through, find ways to reconnect with family and help where you can. Two, I would say that woman are dangerous because quite frankly Camila is doing all these because she is jealous. She feels like governance has become Epifiano’s mistress.

That he chose it over her, and hence the root of all she is doing is love, love for her man, love for power, and love for recognition. I think every Queen acts like this. Number three we can learn that in the midst of the storm, one can actually grow. God says “No harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent” – Psalm 91:10. Take refuge in God, He will never let you carry a burden too big to handle. Until next time, thank you for reading, Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour, Adios.

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